Dad: James lost sporting joy at Real Madrid after Ancelotti left

AncelottiThe father of James Rodriguez is happy to see him away from Real Madrid.
James is currently playing on-loan in Germany with Bayern Munich.
“My son did well leaving Real Madrid for Bayern Munich, he is very happy in Germany,” Wilson Rodriguez told Marca.
“I see him living a calm and cheerful life and it’s incredibly important for him to perform on the pitch.
“He loves Real Madrid a lot, I don’t think anybody can ever doubt that, however, the best thing he could do was leave the team.
“He had lost the sporting joy on the pitch that he had when (Carlo) Ancelotti was coach.”
Zinedine Zidane took over and never quite trusted the Colombian.
“Zidane was one of James’ footballing idols, but that doesn’t mean that the coach won’t decide that my son can’t fit into his team,” Wilson Rodriguez continued.
“However, you will never hear my son talk badly about the French coach or criticise him for something related to football.”

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