McClair: Man Utd tried everything to keep Pogba from Juventus (it was about money)

JuventusFormer Manchester United academy chief Brian McClair insists they did all they could to stop Paul Pogba leaving as a young player.
Now back with United, Pogba walked way as a youngster, joining Juventus on a free transfer.
McClair told the Manchester Evening News, “We felt we did everything we could and it was other influences that squared his decision that we couldn’t get involved with.
“All you can do is give them guidance and information you think will be best for them.
“Sometimes they listen to someone else who knows nothing about football, but knows plenty about making money.
“Right up to the very end we were confident that he was going to stay – and then he went.
“He was swivering – he was never absolutely (certain) right up to the very end. I think he’d agreed something and couldn’t get out of it or was pushed down a path.
“Anyway he had a fantastic time and he’s come back and he’ll feel confident that if he wants to be he can be a really important, influential player for Manchester United, hopefully for a while.”

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