Olivier Giroud likes France teammate Kylian Mbappe to Belgium captain Eden Hazard.

He said: “Mbappé and Hazard are two geniuses. There is one that is a rough diamond to polish, with a margin of progression. More in percussion, thanks to his speed, in depth, it’s Kylian. And he’s more attacking than Eden.Giroud insists the pair belong at the same level.

“But Eden is impressive in his ball driving, in his ability to punch the ball with the foot. These are two undeniable talents. After, the relationship I have with Eden, he is important to Chelsea. We are very complementary, we need each other to shine. We are pretty good.

“Kylian, who likes to go further and play more deeply, does not need to use me but he knows he can combine with me. And enjoy the spaces we leave. Off the field, with Kylian, it’s not the same generation but I’m getting along well with him. He is attentive, respectful.

“I’m not the type to play PlayStation or Football Manager but as soon as we have group moments, it’s going very well, despite the generational gap. Both players are very endearing.”

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