Jean Clair Tobido agents insist the 18 year-old has personally driven his move to Barcelona.

Jean Clair TobidoThe stopper, off contract in June, has signed a deal with Barca which will see him move to Spain this summer.
A source from his entourage admits it was Tobido’s decision to resist Toulouse’s attempts to secure him to a first pro contract earlier this season.
The confidant stated, “He’s one of the most mature guys I’ve come across in the world of football because of his age.
“We explained the whole situation to him and it was he himself, at the age of 18, who decided that he did not want to accept the offer of renewal and that he preferred to wait for a good proposal from a great club, even though he knew he could be left out.
“One month, two or more without competing, he knew this could happen. Playing is what a kid wants most at this age.”
When Barca came forward, Tobido did not hesitate. His hope was to play for Barca and when they made contact an agreement was always going to be found.