Ashley Young says manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has ripped into the players in recent games.

Gunnar SolskjaerYoung, speaking with L’Equipe, was asked if Solskjaer was capable of delivering a ‘hairdryer’.
He revealed, “Ah well, it shows that you do not go to our locker room! (He laughs) Because I can tell you that we were treated recently to some ‘hair-dryer treatments’ … When Ole Gunnar arrived (he was appointed on December 19, 2018), in a way, I almost felt like Sir Alex was back. Because he was accompanied by Mike Phelan (Ferguson’s historic assistant) and Michael Carrick (iconic late-Ferguson player).
“But also because Ole Gunnar knows exactly what it means to play for this club. He is obsessed with both victory and the fact that his players flourish on the field, like Sir Alex.”